The Original Classic Rudy Muck® Trumpet Mouthpiece

Trumpet Mouthpiece

This is THE ORIGINAL CLASSIC!! The famous Cushion Rim Rudy Muck mouthpiece is again available true to the famous design made popular in the Jazz Era by such greats as Louuis Armstrong, Harry James and later by Maynard Ferguson.

This distinctive trumpet mouthpiece design allows the brass player to produce a clear, rounded tone without effort. The cushion rim gives greatest comfort to all players. The trumpet mouthpiece rim design is especially helpful to players with orthodontic conditions by causing less bruising to the lips and mouth than other mouthpieces. The grip assures accuracy in all registers. Upper register notes are easily attained while the middle register is particularly strong. Good articulation and response in a high quality trumpet mouthpiece.

This has become the ideal mouthpiece for Mariachi and Banda. The Rudy Muck Original Classic mouthpieces bring this special music from the written page to the vibrant sound so necessary but not available with any other trumpet and trombone mouthpiece.

I Like it! It's nice!! - Jose Herrera, mariachi trumpet player

The trumpet mouthpiece is so comfortable, I can play all day! - Jesus Hernandez

I'll never use any other mouthpiece. My music is so alive! - Sergio Rodriguez

IYM mouthpieces are plated with 2 to 4 times more silver than most other mouthpieces. This means a higher quality product with a surface which will last longer. When thin plating wears off, it exposes the player to the base metal which is not recommended as a playing surface. Better plating will provide a smoother surface for a longer time and greatly reduce re-plating costs and the inconvenience of being without your mouthpiece for any length of time.

Not sold in stores. Trumpet mouthpiece Model 17C $80, includes shipping & handling (within US only; outside US, contact us for charges.

Check or money order (US funds on a US bank) - sorry, no COD or Credit Cards.

TRIAL POLICY: Because of high demand and recent abuses, in order to make a trial of this mouthpiece, full payment is needed. A trial period of 14 days from the date of your receipt will be allowed. The mouthpiece must be returned to us in Completely Original condition at your expense (no scratches or other marks). Any late returns or damage of any kind will result in forfeit of the purchase price i nfull. Timely returns within the 14 day trial period will be charged for shipping and handling costs of $6 plus a 20% restocking charge prior to any refund.

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